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Herzlich willkommen Genießen und wohlfühlen studio Landhotel Altes Wasserwerk Frühstücksraum mit Zugang zum Hotelpark Hotel Park Herzogturm


In our hotel there are two air-conditioned conference rooms available for your events. These rooms (42qm) equipped to accommodate an event with up to 50 participants. We offer various meeting packages to suit your requirements. In addition to modern conference technology, they also include various services such as catering for your guests


The picturesque wine village Freinsheim is embedded in a sea of vineyards near the Palatinate Forest. With its baroque historic centre, the narrow streets and the well preserved town wall Freinsheim is one of the most beautiful towns along the “German Wine Route”. Enjoy a relaxing stay at Freinsheim

...Altes Wasserwerk...

The “Landhotel Altes Wasserwerk” is located next to the historic center. The listed main building was actually used as a waterworks in former times. Combined with two newly constucted building complexes a harmonic co-existence of history and modern spirit was created. We offer you a wide range of rooms including 27 standard rooms, two studios, two appartements as well as two unique charming rooms in one of the middle-aged towers of the city wall.


Beste Rate bei Direktbuchung

Die günstigsten Raten bekommen Sie nur bei Direktbuchung im Hotel, mit gleichen Stornierungsbedingungen wie bei Buchungsportalen!


Ab dem 24. November gilt bei uns im Hotel die 2G - Regelung, d.h. wir benötigen bei Anreise eine Impfbescheinigung (es müssen mind. 14 Tage seit der 2. Impfung vergangen sein) oder als Genesener eine Bescheinigung vom Gesundheitsamt bzw. positiven PCR-Test (genesen seit mind. 28 Tagen, jedoch max. 6 Monate). Kinder unter 12 Jahren gelten als immunisiert und sind daher ausgenommen.